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  • Decoding a New Addition to the Human Family Tree

    For Christopher Walker, assistant professor of anatomy at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, looking at a femur reveals that the newly discovered hominin species named Homo naledi likely walked upright.
  • Chimp Females Who Leave Home Postpone Parenthood

    New moms need social support, and mother chimpanzees are no exception. So much so that female chimps that lack supportive friends and family wait longer to start having babies, according to researchers who have combed through the records of Jane Goodall’s famous Gombe chimpanzees.
  • Dr. Kara Walker receives Leakey Foundation grant.

    Lab co-director Dr. Kara Walker was one of 32 recipients of a 2018 Leakey Foundation research grant for her project “Female dispersal and philopatry in chimpanzees of Gombe National Park.”

  • Come work with us!

    The NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine is currently
    accepting applications for a full-time non-tenure track faculty position
    teaching anatomy at the rank of Lecturer. More information can be found at